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Luneo Hope is a nom de guerre. My name is Helena Wiehahn, and I live in the Cape Winelands. You may wonder what on earth an academic enthusiast is. I cannot merely box myself into one profession. I like to spend my time acquiring new skills and helping others. I love to learn, read and apply new ideas. So, for the time being, I am a front-end web developer, but I will forever be an academic enthusiast at heart and in search of more significant challenges.

Travel Abroad

Work Experience

Knowledge Management Consultant - Private May 2019 - Present

I have been working as a knowledge management consultant performing the following tasks.

  • Helping to develop and implement IKM strategies on a per project basis as a consultant
  • Cumulative report writing
  • Technical analysis of organizational KM systems
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Employee interviews
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Research

Frontend Developer - Matogen Corporate Web and Software Development Apr 2016 - May 2019

Based in South Africa, our developers across our 3 main branches contribute to our clients’ unique customized products, through our vast collective experience and expertise. We currently serve customers in the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia and many other countries.

  • The current management software in use includes Trello, Float, BugHerd, Toggl, Clockify, Slack, and Gsuite.
  • I am responsible for client relations and basic project management on smaller projects
  • I write copy for websites where needed
  • I do design work for digital media and some basic design work for print media
  • I do custom assets design for projects such as banners, icons, promotional material, logos
  • I am responsible for frontend development for websites and web-based applications
  • I do basic QA and testing on smaller projects
  • I do UX and UI design for web
  • I do basic project flow design
  • I have done basic UX and design for mobile
  • I do custom WordPress development

Job Shadow Scrum Master - Capfin SA, Kuils River, Cape Town February 2019

After my four-month Agile Methodologies and Project Management course I attended at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia I attended a two-day job shadow for a Scrum Master position at Capfin SA to gain some real-world experience to see a day in the life of a working Scrum Master.

Freelance Web Developer - Vane Digital July 2018

I helped out on a project at Vane Digital where some assistance was needed with the frontend development. I am an avid supporter of the Leaderless project.

Freelance Web Developer - Lochtec Innovations Apr 2018 - March 2019

I assisted at Lochtec Innovations, my previous employer, to help them with front-end work on projects to help build their company. I worked directly with the owner Shawn and his wife on specified projects on a part-time basis. These are specifically front-end web development projects.

Project Manager - JNZ Group Jan 2016 - Apr 2016

JNZ Group has been a successful software development company for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of software solutions and integrations with our PBX & Dialer solutions. We specialise in custom software development & integrations. We also specialize in Enterprize Solution for Telecommunication.

  • I was in charge of managing Asana for the company
  • I set up task boards for the development team
  • I scheduled meetings to provide project feedback and staff session feedback
  • I was responsible for meetings with clients in the absence of the General Manager
  • I was responsible for liaising with clients in the absence of the General Manager
  • I held the daily development meeting with the development staff
  • I sent out daily updates on development team progress
  • I scheduled time for JNZ internal requirements
  • I did the business analysis for upcoming projects
  • I set up the project specs for upcoming projects

Junior Developer and Designer - JNZ Group Jul 2015 - Jan 2016

JNZ Group has been a successful software development company for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of software solutions and integrations with our PBX & Dialer solutions. We specialise in CUSTOM software development & integrations. We also specialize in Enterprize Solution for Telecommunication.

  • I was responsible for all company design work
  • I made website mockups and did corporate branding for clients
  • I was responsible for the building of Bootstrap 3 websites for clients
  • I initiated building bootstrap 3 templates for the company
  • I set up WordPress websites for clients
  • I interned in PHP and CMS/CRM under our head developer
  • I was an enterprise application software developer intern under our head developer
  • I was responsible for business analysis and modeling for prospective projects
  • I was responsible for managing Google Analytics and Webmaster
  • I wrote copy for the websites (copywriting)
  • I had to test the websites & software and do bug tracking

Marketing Director - Dismaties Stellenbosch University March 2015 - October 2017

Dis-Maties is a society that promotes awareness of students living with disabilities and advocates for their issues so as to ensure they have positive academic and social experiences on campus. I helped the committee run campaigns on the Stellenbosch University campus to raise awareness for disability and do fundraising for various causes. My term as a committee member ended in 2017 due to the responsibilities I have towards my Postgraduate studies and my planned trip to Russia. I will in future only serve in the capacity of an advisor and continue to update their website for them.


  • I was responsible for organizing events and fundraising for the society
  • I was responsible for the design of newsletters and promotional items
  • I did all the web development for the society
  • I was responsible for our marketing strategy
  • I set up the SEO
  • I did public speaking on behalf of the society on important matters
  • I ran social media marketing campaigns

I had the opportunity to be a speaker at Woordfees for the tenth year anniversary celebration of the disability unit at Stellenbosch University (center for student counseling and development).

I wrote an article for the 10-year celebration booklet which was published by Stellenbosch University detailing the experience of students with disabilities.

I designed characters for a range of merchandise for the society including the t-shirt designs for the members of the society.

Web Development and Design Internship - Lochtec Innovations Feb 2015 - Apr 2015

Lochtec Innovations is a vibrant marketing company situated in Cape Town, South Africa. As leaders in web design and development, graphic design, corporate branding and marketing, we offer tailor made turnkey solutions to our clients in both the national and international markets. We endeavour to offer a comprehensive package of services, ensuring that we can proactively assist and advise our clients.

I successfully completed a three-month internship at an outstanding development and design company. I gained experience in setting up WordPress sites and populating them. I also designed logos, business cards, and various other products for clients. The internship was largely aimed at providing experience in the print and design industry.


  • I was responsible for the planning of my projects
  • I was responsible for some of the company design work
  • I was responsible for some of the corporate branding
  • I did web development for clients
  • I installed and edited WordPress websites for clients

Latest Projects

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Animations by Paul Roux. Designer, Animator and UX specialist.

Animations in projects were supplied by Paulymations. Animations created in Adobe After Effects.

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Side Projects



Dismaties aims to be a support system for people with disabilities. We advocate for their issues, and through the years we have made it our goal to promote awareness of people living with disabilities, furthering their integration into Stellenbosch society, and consequently, the world.

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Coffee Blog

Coffee Blog

Coffee blog was started as a side project to document the experience of enjoying different types of coffees as I travel. It is a journey for the love of coffee. Currently coffee-blog is most active on Instagram as @myawesomecoffeeblog, and will post to a web blog soon.